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Ericka Gets Her Report Card: 1-10-19 6:00 PM

Perhaps you saw my post a couple of weeks ago about Ericka here at our Love A Child Children’s Home! I mentioned how Ericka has developmental problems and how we kept her home from school last year so she could receive “one-on-one” help with her studies. She really wanted to go back to regular school this year, so we agreed to let her go and would keep an eye on how she was doing! Ericka has done better than we could ever imagine! Today, she showed me her report card, and SHE IS PASSING! This is the first time she has passed with no problems! As I said, Ericka has special needs and has major issues using her hands! But she has overcome her struggles and has worked so hard! She is a true example of hard work and dedication! I almost cried when she showed me her report card and nothing was better than to see how proud she was of herself! Wow, she is one amazing little girl! It really shows that you can do anything you put your mind to when you work hard! God bless you, Kaeli

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