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Every Day is “Mother’s Day” at Love A Child!

Poor mothers and children have a rough life here in Haiti. The “husband or man” they are living with demands that she have his baby. Women whose husbands have left them or abandoned them to go to the Dominican Republic will be raising children on their own. They could “never afford” to go to a clinic for monthly check-ups or pay for a delivery, but our Love A Child Maternity Clinic is free.

They hear about Jesus, receive prayer, and often receive Bibles, sandals, and clothing! When they go home, their baby has a brand new baby outfit. Their husband or loved ones wait outside on the porch in “rocking chairs” while listening to beautiful and encouraging Christian music!

We also meet some mothers who say that it is our Maternity Clinic that gives them the opportunity to give birth in a hospital because they do not have the means to give birth in another hospital. They are poor, and they often don’t have money to buy clothes for their children and babies.

That’s the reason today we gave them this “kit.” In it they found beautiful “sandals,” and looking at their faces, a smile of sacred perfection and satisfaction, they felt happy for the gesture. There were five beautiful future mothers who dressed in blue to express their gratitude for the gifts they received.

We want to thank our partners for all the items bought and donated to these poor moms! God bless our most wonderful partners! Thank you for always being there for us.


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