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Extra Mega Rice

Extra Mega Rice…

We’ve just unloaded 1500 bags of Mega Premium rice. With all the gangs on the road controlling so many areas, it’s very dangerous to bring the Mega rice from the port downtown. I  cannot tell you how bad it is here. The gangs here will make the rioters in America look like they are in kindergarten.

Casimi is our hero. He sometimes brings our rice container through gunfire, burning roadblocks, and major gang activity on the road. He has been stopped with guns pointing at him. Casimi always makes it through. He has the favor of the Lord! He has one more secret, but I can’t tell you what it is right now. Ha!

Good news! We have four more containers of Feed My Starving Children meals to pick up this week, plus more next week. Casimi picks these up from a different port. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the money to do all of this. To pay for the transportation from America and all the fees in customs here…I wake up many mornings wondering where the money will come from. Before the day is over, the Lord supplies. Without you, we could not do this. We are in this together. Thank you!

Today our trucks are going to ten villages with FMSC meals. Monday, we sent the FMSC meals 150 miles up the road through bad areas. Now, the Lord has given us two new trucks to deliver meals! Just when we felt like giving up! The Lord wants us to feed the hungry…

Missionary Bobby Burnette


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