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Farmer John’s Grand Opening: 11-7-18 10:40 AM

Farmer John’s! These pictures were taken last night at our slaughterhouse inside Gwo Maché Mirak (Grand Miracle Market). This is Farmer John’s business and also a sustainability project. Wow! He has the best beef, pork, and any other meat anywhere in Haiti!! It’s the best slaughterhouse/butcher shop in Haiti. He has the best cows, and no old or sick cows are butchered like at other places. John also ages his meat for 14 days in a cooler. It will melt in your mouth!! The missionaries and the upper elite Haitians buy their meat here. What I love is the poor Haitians come and buy maybe $1 worth of meat or less (cut up in little chunks), and go and sell the meat, then return for more to sell. The poor Haitians are making money!!! The official grand opening of Farmer John’s is December 7 – 9!!! Come to Gwo Maché Mirak for our anniversary festival and be blessed! This is a Love A Child sustainability project, helping Haitians to help themselves! Love Is Something You Do. Bobby

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