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Feeding One Means Feeding Them All

Our Malnutrition Clinic is still serving the malnourished babies and children of Haiti. In spite of having no gas and few local tap-taps or transportation, mothers will find a way to get their starving, undernourished children to us. We have the best staff and they take excellent care of the children.

When the babies reach their specified weight, their mothers can take them home with special foods, but they must stay on and bring the children back every two weeks for check-ups. However, one problem we have had and other clinics have had also, is the mother will share that expensive formula and food with “all her other children.” As a result, she will bring the same baby back again… malnourished.

So now, we send a large box of FMSC food home with the mother so she can feed her other children, and keep the baby on the food and milk especially for him! That way, everyone is happy!!! Thank you, Feed My Starving Children, and thank you, partners, for sponsoring this food to get to us! The Haitians say, “You cannot eat okra with just one finger; it takes the whole hand!” So, thank you, partners! Let’s keep putting our hands together!  –  Sherry

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