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Feeding the Children in “Salt Mountain”

The reason they call it “Salt Mountain” is that the soil is good for nothing. To the poor, it is like “salt,” useless for growing crops. Most of the people in this area gather small sticks to sell or make charcoal, or they gather wild leaves and sell them for tea. Someone told us about this area, how the people and children were suffering so much… So, we called our local mountain pastor, Pastor Souffrance, and he organized a feeding program for us. We gave two hundred boxes of food to this area, to “200 mothers” to feed their families. They were so excited! We gave them the Word of God and sang and praised God. And then we fed more than 150 children. What a great blessing!

These people were some of the poorest people we have ever met. In fact, one older man, Mr. Henry Dieufort, his wife just died a few months ago, leaving him with nine children to raise. He has great faith in the Lord. Every day he leaves his home to find some food for his children. He tries to come home each night with “something” in his hands. What a touching story. All his faith is in the Lord, each day.

Thank you, Partners, for helping us share food with these precious people. May God richly, richly bless you, your family, and everything you touch, according to Psalm 41:1-3.

God bless you,
Bobby and Sherry


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