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Florence… Looking Forward to Graduating Soon!

Florence has been with us since she was about one year old. I used to take care of her mother and her medicine when we lived in the mountains of Mt Noire, Haiti. But when her mother died, her father was not able to take care of Florence, her sister Julia, her other sister Yolande, and Franceau… so we took them all in.

Yolande is a Kindergarten teacher at Love A Child. Julie is a Lab Tech at our Jesus Healing Center, Franceau and several other boys have started their own little restaurant, and Florence ended up with a partial scholarship in Italy studying Radiology. (Although, she is really good with physical therapy.)

Florence will now be graduating in November, as she has passed all of her tests, but she cannot stay in Italy. She will be looking for a host family in the States and finding a job at a nearby hospital until she get can get on her feet. Wherever she lands, she will do a great job! We are so happy for her!!! I remember the day I heard that her mother died, and I went inside my house and said, “Lord, if you want us to take in these four children, send her father to us.” And He did! These four children love the Lord, and all are married except Florence… Hmmmm. All of us love and miss her.


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