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Florence Needs Our Prayers

As many of you may know, Florence is still in Italy finishing up her last years of “staj,” or in-house training. She is nearly finished and will be able to find a job as a “Radiology Tech.” But while she was “on her job” in Italy, she developed excruciating pain in her stomach. The doctor told her she needed to have an echography to see if she had an “umbilical hernia.” She is having pain, and we ask your prayers for Florence.

Florence has always been fun, full of life, and always laughing. We took her and her three siblings in when their mother died. Florence is very intelligent, sweet, and funny, but takes her job seriously. When her “hands-on” work is finished this summer, she wants to go to Canada or the United States to get a job. We love Florence and covet your prayers for her complete healing.

God bless you,

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