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Food Distribution in Mòn Deral

“In the middle of nowhere.” That’s the only way I could describe “Mòn Deral.” We left Fond Parisien and traveled about an hour in our truck, always watching to see if the Papaya Gang, was in front or anywhere around. We arrived at Mòn Deral safe. Mòn Deral is the most isolated area of Haiti. We drove for a long while before reaching the top of the mountain. Already, people were lined up with food cards and little children sat and waited quietly for the food to be cooked. There were not many “huts or tents” on top of this mountain because all the families are scattered on the tops of other mountains (high hills). But, there were hundreds of men, women, and children there today.

We cooked food on an open fire and served hundreds of hungry children. As we were distributing the food in boxes, others came in from surrounding areas and tried to take the food. We had a tough time keeping the peace, but all went well. I will never forget the “multitude of hands” reaching for every box of food! Thank you, partners, for feeding the hungry! God bless you, Bobby and Sherry

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