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Food Distributions Continue – The Village of Nan Gaya

In spite of the lack of fuel, in spite of the gangs on the street, in spite of roadblocks and burning tires, God has made a way for our food distributions to continue, thanks to our container driver, Casimi. The food situation here in Haiti is critical. Just yesterday, two of our employees were robbed and what little money they had was taken. This is happening every day. So, if a mother is selling items on the street, and after a long day she leaves at 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m., and then if she happens to be on the wrong road at the wrong time… “gangs!” When we manage to get food through, the mothers are so happy for their children and family.

This village is not far from us, but it is not that easy to get to. It is the village of Nan Gaya. We usually give out 200 food tickets to mothers in the village, but there are more families than this. The good thing is that Haitians share their food! We always estimate that on average each family will have about five children, and if they do not then their neighbors have children.

This food comes from Feed My Starving Children. We have partnered with them for many, many years. They work hard to donate the food, but our partners, like you, pay the expenses to bring it all the way to Haiti, get it released from Haitian Customs (not easy), and bring it here to Love A Child. This food must go through dangerous areas!! So, thank you, Feed My Starving Children, and thank you, partners, for making this possible.

God bless you.
Bobby and Sherry

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