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Food is a Crisis in Haiti

Amid all the social and economic problems that hit Haiti hard, finding food for little children is the most difficult, but most rewarding. Many times, the children come and stand in line with a bowl they brought from home, but in most cases, we bring extra bowls.

We bring plastic spoons, but the children are so hungry that many times they use their fingers to eat. We just let them, because they are so hungry. If you have ever seen a hungry child eat, they eat “every grain of rice,” and lick their fingers when they are done! This is a sign of hunger and time and time again, it reminds us of why we are here, and why you are where you are. God put us together to feed hungry children and save lives! So, you are living in an exciting time, when you send funds several different ways and get it to the children in need.

This “one bowl of food,” is more than likely, their only meal of the day. Thank you, partners, for all your sacrifices and your love that makes this possible, Bobby and Sherry

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