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Food is Critical in Haiti

We will soon be sending a truck of food to go to the L’Artibonite area in Haiti. (We cannot post the day on Facebook because of thieves in several areas). This food is critical to our children’s feeding program in one of the poor areas where we work. Due to the violence in Haiti and the political problems, there are more children suffering from hunger than ever before. We want to thank each of you who give so generously, those who give the “widow’s mite” and those who give more, to help us help these children. We wish that we could bring you to Haiti and let you see the faces of the children as they lick their bowls, their fingers, to get every last grain of rice! It would be a memory you would never forget! Thank you and may God bless you with seven blessings according to Psalm 41:1-3! Bobby and Sherry

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