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Food Makes a Difference

One can never appreciate what a blessing food is, until they go hungry. I grew up in a family of five children and a father who was an alcoholic. My mother would go into her room, get on her knees and pray for food, many times. Because of prayer, I am what I am, today, a missionary.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. We don’t have a president, because the gangs killed him. We now have a prime minister, who is not doing anything to help the poor in Haiti. Gangs are everywhere!

This affects the poor because the mother is mainly the “bread-winner” of the children. Now, she can no longer buy small items and resell them, hoping to have a little leftover for her children. It is bad enough when a mother describes her broken, helpless heart, but when you hear a Haitian child talk about hunger, it brings tears to your eyes.

These children have “no hope,” of having even “one good meal” each day. You can see the difference between the child who has no food, no hope, and the child who is being fed every day in school, or by their mothers, who receive food from us. Please remember the poor each day in your thoughts and prayers. Someone is in need of “your help,” today. God bless you and thank you for making a difference.


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