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Food, the Greatest Crisis in Haiti…

Food is life in Haiti… but without food, Haitians face the worst crisis they have ever been in.

Even though Haiti is swamped by armed gangs, kidnappings, killings, and looting, the greatest crisis is food. This picture was taken of Bobby during a Food Distribution in South Haiti, where we are building the Gabion houses for the earthquake families. In order to get food to these people, we had to buy huge quantities of rice from the rice manufacturer in South Haiti, and we continued feeding them for many months. Yesterday Hubert had some hot meals cooked for many, many families. Be looking for the pictures.

But, in the rest of Haiti, they not only have gangs but food insecurity. The poor have no way of “making a living,” so they are feeding their children “any way they can.” This involves “mud cookies” and “bread dipped in sugar water.” Even this bread dipped in sugar water can only give them something to eat once a day. As a result, you will continue to see malnourished children that are being brought to our Love A Child Malnutrition Center Clinic… the only thing you won’t see is the number of children dying from hunger. There is no “record” of all of this from the mountain people… it is a sad, sad situation.

This is the type of situation that makes a parent “sell one of his/her children” to work across the border in order to feed the rest.

Our greatest gift we could have for Christmas would be to get our food containers out of Customs, and have food distributions for the poor, and purchase more food beyond this. Thank you for your love, your prayers, and your giving heart!

Bobby and Sherry

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