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Four Hours on a Donkey: The Story of Baby Saintime Kettlie

There is a Creole Proverb that says, “Beyond the mountain, are more mountains…” It really means, “Beyond the problems, are more problems.” That is the case here in Haiti with poor mothers who give birth. They do not have the money to go to a hospital because they do not have a job. They will always give birth on the floor of a mud hut, or in the outhouse. Many times, when they are unable to keep the baby, they let him or her fall into the outhouse and die. When they give birth on a mud floor, the baby and the mother both get infections. This is why the Lord laid it on our hearts to build the beautiful Birthing Center.

Madamn Saintime Kettlie is from the mountains of Fon Verette, in an area called Soyliett. She made the first part of the trip on the back of a donkey for four hours… and then, she took a motorbike to go the rest of the way to our Birthing Center. Bobby and I have both ridden mules for four and five hours up a mountain and that was bad enough! We could hardly walk when we got off!!! So, I cannot imagine a pregnant woman on a donkey, ready to give birth and a four-hour walk!!! She was telling our mid-wives that when the mothers in Soyliett give birth, they put banana leaves on the ground. She told them how they “cut the cord,” and then put the baby in the sun afterward… but often, the baby would die after two or three months. She said that everyone was talking about the Jesus Healing Center and the beautiful Birthing Center, a place where they make childbirth safe! When she heard about this, she said it was the “greatest gift of God.”

Madamn Saintime Kettlie had her baby about 2:00 am, and at the same time, there were four other women having babies!!! She said she and all the women were happy to receive nice clean clothes and clothes for the baby! What a blessing! Thanks to everyone for your sweet gifts of baby blankets, delivery packets, and clothes for the mother, etc.

Madamn Kettlie will think about a name for her baby because Haitian women do not name their babies that fast… But, to think that this mom and baby made a four-hour trip on the back of the donkey, and then a motorbike trip just to get here, is quite incredible!

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