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From houses lost and tents given again

As many of you know, a heavy earthquake hit again in the Nippes department, Anse-à-Veau, and surrounding areas on Monday, January 24th. This is right where we are building our Gabion houses.

Not one of our houses fell! We had passed out tents and food there before, from the August 14th earthquake. PTL! Hubert, our LAC representative, had saved back tents “just in case” of another emergency. He had some of these tents set up the same day of the earthquake! It rained hard the next day. He has set up several more this week. As of yesterday, they told me 900 homes have been destroyed.

I just love these pictures Hubert sent me. You can see the houses which fell and the new tents set up. We also have Hubert and the crew giving out food to the victims all this week. As the Lord supplies provision, we are hoping to continue for two or three more weeks.

We are working every day, still building the Gabion houses. Up till today, the Lord has supplied enough money for 37 Gabion houses at $9,000 each. I signed a contract for 100 houses. Faith doesn’t know we don’t have the money! We may go way past the 100 houses. The need is very great. If we have the vision the Lord has the provision.

Missionary Bobby Burnette

Note: We have not been able to go there because of the gangs between us and south Haiti. Our hearts are broken. No gangs are in south Haiti, thank the Lord. We are working on a plan right now.

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