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From our Jesus Healing Center to our Malnutrition Center

God has richly blessed Love A Child with many ways to help the poor… One of them is our Jesus Healing Center Clinic, our Birthing Center, and our Malnutrition Center.

Haiti is a poor country, underdeveloped and now with many gangs who are taking over each day. This prevents the poor Haitian mothers from being able to sell their items. Unfortunately, there are many poor mothers with not enough food to feed their babies… and this is one of them. People are coming from all over Haiti!!!

Madamn Thelusma Manette lives in “Boulay,” Haiti. She is 30 and she has three children. Madamn Thelusma’s small business went bankrupt because no one could pay for their food… so she sold them food on credit.

As a result, the poor could not pay, and she had no money. She then tried to do housework to get money for food. The best food for Lovemitha, her little girl, is “bread soup.” (Bread and sugar water.) Lovemitha’s stomach has been swollen for 2 weeks. She could not walk, so her mother brought her to our Clinic. Our doctor told her that she had to put her child in our Malnutrition Clinic to save her life.

At first, she was afraid to leave her baby, but she knew that our Clinic had not charged her anything, and she knew that she would have never known about the Malnutrition Clinic unless she had come to our Jesus Healing Center. At the moment, the baby weighs 5 kg. She will probably need to be in our Malnutrition Clinic for at least five months. In the meantime, she will receive a box of food from Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), and she can feed her other children.

What a wonderful God, who would provide good caring doctors, free medicine and labs, and a Malnutrition Clinic free of charge. This will bless the poor and encourage them!

Thanks to our partners, for their love, prayers, and financial gifts always, and thanks to Joyce Meyer MinistriesHand of Hope for sponsoring our Jesus Healing Center each month, and for sponsoring the cost of the Malnutrition Clinic, and its furnishings.

Most of all, thanks to our wonderful Lord, who speaks to hearts to help the poor!


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