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Fun and Exercise at Pastor Claude’s Orphanage

Pastor Claude has a large orphanage, about seven miles from us! We often go there with some of our kids, so they can fellowship with his children!

Pastor Claude’s large orphanage is a blessing! With the help of David George World Ministries and our partners, like you, we built Pastor Claude a huge orphanage on his beautiful land! And, with the help of our partners, we sponsor the operating cost of running his orphanage at 100 percent!

When we go, we take some of our kids, dance, and do exercises!! We always try to take “Camy” (the big guy doing the exercises), because he is as tough as an “Army Sargent and as sweet as a Grandpa!” You can see him on the floor doing push-ups!

Kids in orphanages in Haiti have tough lives… but bringing joy is the best gift we can give them!! Thank you, partners, for seeding into the ground, the good soil here!!! God bless you.


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