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Future Dental Hygienist!

We just never thought that this little six-year-old would ever turn out to be a Dental Hygienist!

Fabienne’s mother used to work for us at our old orphanage, until one day we had to let her go. She left little Fabienne behind with us! Fabienne is now a young woman who is very sweet, humble, and “always giggling!” She really loves “Poppie Bobby!”

This is Fabienne’s second year studying to be a Dental Hygienist! How did this happen? She was always volunteering to help with the dental teams! She was the one who helped the dentist and cleaned the instruments, but now “that mantle has fallen upon her!” She is so good at what she does, and she is very gentle with patients. She has some years to go before she graduates! We are so proud of our young girls who put “Jesus first” and “education second!” I tell them, “There’s plenty of time for a boyfriend when you are finished with school, but just marry one as sweet as your Poppie!” We love Fabienne!! Sherry

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