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Getting Ready for Children’s Bible School, August 7th!

We have here, Esther, Lovely, Daniella, Sarah, and Widlene, with “Poppie Bobby!” Widlene, on the far right, is the “Head Organizer” of our Love A Child Summer Bible School! Since school will be starting here in Haiti pretty soon, Widlene has planned out a wonderful Vacation Bible School! The children will learn about Jesus, have games, eat a nice lunch, do outdoor activities, etc.! This was all planned by Widlene! She also has to order and control all the food coming into the orphanage, not to mention helping her “sisters” with various kinds of hairdos!!

We are so proud of all our older children! They are “growing up” and hopefully, will leave the “nest” with a good job (and hopefully, a good husband!! Ha!) We will keep you posted on our VBS for the kids!

P.S. I gave my heart to the Lord during Vacation Bible School when I was about six! My country pastor tried to tell me that “I was too young,” and didn’t understand salvation… until he and another person took me aside and questioned me. I was unafraid and bold! They finally agreed to pray with me to have me baptized, “the sooner, the better!!”


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