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Good News!

I waited a little later than normal to give you any news today. I had my laptop out ready to do this post with the sad news that the Haitian Customs at the border of the Dominican Republic is still closed, and now we must wait until Monday to see what will happen next week… As I was ready to do the post, a knock came on our door! Philemond and our semi-truck driver, Casimir, said, “Bobby, the customs agent is on the way right now to get your container through! He wants to help you!” Praise the Lord!! Thank you for praying!! Wow!

More good news! My good friend Joel Trimble just called and put me in contact with the largest rice dealer in Haiti. The rice is way cheaper than what we buy in the Dominican Republic!! We can buy the rice right at the port! No more need of us going to the Dominican Republic to buy our rice and beans. This has been a trial, but it was for the best! Look what the Lord has done. Thank you for all of your prayers. Prayer works!!

Bobby Burnette

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