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Gourmet Cooks!

Just look at all these dishes our Haitian daughter cooked up! Widlene’s high school class, Rheto, had a party at our school. Our girls did all the cooking and wow!!! Their food trays looked great!

As I have said before, “our girls love to cook… because they love to eat! Ha!” We are so proud of them! They do not smoke, do drugs, or get into trouble. They live a simple life, serve the Lord, and strive for an education. College is as expensive here in Haiti as it is in the states. We have five children in college and several more going next year. It takes a miracle, but we tell the kids, “that God will supply!”

We wish to thank our friends and partners who have watched over these children for years! Thank you, Bobby and Sherry

P.S. Our boys attended this also. We should have more pictures coming.

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