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Grateful for Medical Donations!

Just recently, we received a wonderful donation of medicines and medical supplies from our friends at World Vision, in conjunction with Smith’s Medical. There were all kinds of medical supplies… masks, gowns, tubing, and specialty items for surgery, including hypodermic needles. They were a huge blessing!!! Even these simple, basic hospital supplies are hard to come by in Haiti!!

This is Hospital Saint Famillie… This is over an hour from us. These people at the hospital are so sweet and really have a heart for the poor. They do great work among the poor! We will be sharing more with you later. Some supplies were also given to Ebenezer Hospital, about 45 minutes from us. When we have an emergency, we usually send our people there. They have been very good to us and have helped us when we have had to pay for someone’s surgery.

We are so, so thankful to World Vision and their partner Smith’s Medical for this enormous donation to help local hospitals here in Haiti, especially at this time!!! We are overwhelmed by this tremendous gift! Thank you again!! God bless you, Bobby and Sherry

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