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Great Blessings to the Village of Old Letant!

We have been working in the village of Old Letant for many, many years. This has been a tough village to work in because it is “constantly growing!” Gangs have taken over the homes of so many people and these families had “no place to go!” So, many families have moved in, built a grass hut, and are now living there!!

Today, we gave large boxes of the “Feed My Starving Children meals” (43,590 meals), to many families!! And we cooked and fed 300 children, a nice big hot meal!! It is not an easy job because the “people keep coming!!” But, we got the job done! We believe that many of these new families will accept Jesus! “The goodness of God leadeth men to repentance!” Romans 2:4

Thank you, partners, for sending your love to the poor here in Haiti.

Bobby and Sherry

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