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As you know, the leader of the Mawozo 400 Gang (Papaya Gang) was extradited on Tuesday by the FBI to America. Three of the main Mawozo 400 Gang guys that played a great part in kidnapping the 17 missionaries have been arrested. The good news is that they will all start talking to shorten their prison time. I’m hearing they will implicate some senators, possible government officials, and police. This is a good first step for the United States in doing this. The Haitian government is corrupting. The gangs are afraid that they may be next.

In our area, the shooting stopped for a while. Unfortunately, in just a little time, the shooting, robbing, and trouble on the road, especially through Croix-des-Bouquets, became very dangerous again. None of our containers were able to come to Love A Child today. Nelio, our Love A Child Haitian director, told me that he is hoping things will settle down tomorrow. We are hoping to start pulling our 12 containers of Feed My Starving Children meals out of Customs. The bottom line is that in Haiti you never know from one minute to the next when things may change.

Our 21 college children have not been able to leave Love A Child to attend college for a week now. I do believe things will start changing for the better. Haiti cannot continue like this. Pray for Haiti and the children. Sherry and I are now in Florida. Sherry had to renew her passport and I was going to have minor surgery. Well, my doctor caught Covid! I’m putting the minor surgery off for a while. Soon, when Sherry’s passport returns, which we expedited, we will return to Haiti.

We are claiming Haiti for Christ.

Missionary Bobby Burnette

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