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Haiti Updated News:

Please forgive me for not sharing yet what the wonderful miracle and blessing was for so many Haitians last Thursday. Your prayers made the difference! Mission accomplished! It’s not safe yet to share. As you know, Sherry and I are here in Haiti. A few other missionaries are here also. They are very brave. Many of our Haitian orphanage children we’ve had since they were little babies. We are their Mom and Dad. It’s hard to leave them when they are scared of what may happen next. We are fine, some other missionaries I heard about yesterday are in much more danger than we are.

All of our projects are open and going forward. Our Feeding Programs, Clinic, Birthing Center, Malnutrition Center, Orphan’s Home where we live with the children, the ATC program, Radio Stations, and Schools are all open… plus a lot more! I’ve been told that people call the office every day asking if Love A Child is closed in Haiti. Some have called and said they are giving up on helping us to help Haiti. Please don’t give up, we haven’t given up. We are going strong and going full steam ahead amid everything you see on TV. We are a light in the midst of great darkness. Thank you for your prayers and support. Love is something you do.

Bobby and Sherry

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