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Happy Birthday, to You, Bobby!!

This is Bobby with our dear friend, Pastor Claude, from Haiti. Bobby dearly loves the Haitian people more than anyone could imagine. He has more patience than anyone could imagine!

Bobby asked me to marry him on our “first date!” I met him under a “Gospel Tent Meeting” in Orlando, Florida. I invited him to be my date at our church’s Valentine Banquet, Evangel Temple. That night, he asked me to marry him because God had already told him that “I was the one!” He has been the best husband and the best father to our children, Jonathan and Julie, and to “all our Haitian children!” He is so kind to everyone, but always puts the Lord first! We’ve been through many hard times in Haiti but his love and commitment brought us through.

We have many older girls in Haiti, and my advice to them is always the same… “I tell them, “Marry someone as sweet as your Poppie!” They just shake their heads and say, “There’s no one like Poppie!” Bobby is the best husband I could ever have! Happy Birthday, baby!! I love you with all my heart.


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