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He Even “Looks” Like A Teacher!

It’s hard to imagine that this sweet little baby in his father’s arms was about seven years old! Unbelievable! He definitely had the worst malnutrition, a killer called “Kwashiorkor!” His legs were actually “splitting open” with fluid. He was losing his hair. He looked “fat,” but that’s deceitful. He was fed the wrong kinds of food, “flour and water,” etc., and no protein! He was on the verge of death! We took him to our “home!”

After he became well and grew slowly, we put him in school. But about three years ago, he had a “stroke!” Mackenson had to go to therapy for a long time. He still walks with a limp. He cannot play soccer, but he can try to put a “ball in the hoop!”

Mackenson is sweet, kind, quiet, and respectful! He is 14 years old and wants to be a teacher… Maybe teaching Spanish at a Love A Child school! We love all of our children! They are all different, but alike… They are all “family!” We love Mackenson! Sherry

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