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Help for the earthquake victims

Yesterday early morning Sherry and I, Joe Hurston, and Watson took off for Jeremie, Haiti, to meet with Mayor Yvrose, a very strong Christian woman. We are thankful to Joe Hurston of “Air Mobile Ministries” for helping us with his plane.

We met with Mayor Yvrose, and when we told her how we wanted to help, she started crying fervently. She said we were the first outside group who came to offer food. She had already made a wonderful distribution plan to reach not only parts of Jeremie but up into the interior to help the forgotten ones. She knows all the churches and groups all over. She has very good connections and works well with everyone. Jeremie has some wonderful missionaries who have been working hard to do the best they can.

My observations from yesterday: Thankfully, the city of Jeremie, which is an old town, was in much better shape than I would have thought. There were many buildings down.

I thought down at the boat port I would have seen a lot of boats bringing in food and help. I did not see one boat at the port…

The mayor took us by and showed us where buildings were, which had fallen and killed children. This was very sad. She also took us to see where people who lost their homes in the earthquake were staying. They were frantic, to say the least. It was a very touching and emotional day.

Update: Thank you, partners, for all your help. This weekend we have a large boat bringing 6,000 bags of rice, along with cooking oil and condensed milk for the children. For this area, we have spent $139,680.00.

Hopefully, Tuesday will be distribution day. Sherry and I will be there in Jeremie.

Update on Nipps Area and Other Areas: We are now believing the Lord for the funds to reach the Nipps area and all the many areas in the interior. We have already bought some beans, rice, and cooking oil. We have much more to go. The first 40-foot container load of rice will leave tomorrow for the Nipps area. These areas were in the epicenter of the earthquake…

Thank you for your prayers and help.

Bobby and Sherry


P.S. These are pictures of three of the buildings which fell in Jeremie during the earthquake.

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