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Helping Sanika and Other Children

There are so many children in Haiti who have “malnutrition,” and many of them have “kwashiorkor malnutrition.” This is caused by eating the wrong kinds of food, i.e., cornmeal, flour and water, etc. Their bodies swell and their skin splits open. They often have kidney problems, and many die.

This little darling, Sanika, was taken to one of our missionary friends, at “Real Hope for Haiti.” They receive food from us each month. They treated and fed Sanika the food that we have donated to us from Feed My Starving Children (each month, in addition to feeding many hungry villages) we also share our food with over 90 other organizations, feeding children.

Through good care and love, she is surviving. It touches our hearts to see how we can really help children in need when we “put our hands together.” So many people pack this food and put it into containers… so many people sponsor the food to come all the way from the states, to Haiti, and we use and we share with so many others, who, in turn, also feed “starving children.” This touches the “heart of God!” Thank you, friends and partners!!!

Bobby and Sherry

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