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ATC – Hope Seeds Distribution for Hinche, Haiti

Recently we were contacted by a group operating an agriculture and gardening training project many miles north of us in the area around Hinche. The group, HaitiLEVE (Stand Up Haiti), asked us to participate with them in their agricultural training because of what they were seeing on the internet about our Agricultural Training Center (ATC) and Sustainable Gardening in Haiti training courses. Unfortunately, we had to tell them we could not do much at this time due to the extreme violence and instability on the streets that is preventing normal life in Haiti. However, as the Haiti Seed Bank for the organization Hope Seeds, I told them we could try to get them some high-quality seeds for their community gardening projects and their training programs.

Wilner, Director of our ATC, was able to take them a large box of Hope Seeds vegetable seed packets (including a Bible message of hope in every packet) last weekend, and they were very happy with the seeds and the message of hope and Christian love from Hope Seeds. We are always glad for any opportunity to distribute the Hope Seeds to qualified groups with responsible agricultural programs in Haiti. The Hope Seeds do bring hope, and they Glorify God.

Thank you for your donations to our Sustainability outreaches that help us teach Haitians how to help themselves, provide “food for life,” alleviate hunger, and restore hope around the world.

Rad Hazelip, Assistant Executive Director

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