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Hoping to Return to Truttier

We have not been able to go back to the garbage dump at Truttier for several months, due to the gangs, and political violence. Also, we had another problem last time… The “fence” that was used to keep the people from our trucks, is “broken!” This had really helped because the people are so desperate for food, that they can become “dangerous.” When the fence was up, we could put them in a line behind the fence and let ten at a time come to the truck. But the last time, the fence was broken and we tried to do a distribution in the street with several thousand “desperate mothers, fathers, and children.” It became a “riot” for food and they nearly “trampled on us!” The sight of them “fighting over food,” is embedded in our hearts. We left that day, very discouraged…

A few days ago, we sent two of our Haitian workers back to the garbage dump to see if there was a possibility of us bringing food again. They came back and told us “they were working on the fence,” and it may work out for us to go back soon. This is a place that is “so hard to work in,” because the people are so desperate and the little children have to “dig through the garbage,” every day, with their bare hands! It is enough to make “grown men cry.”

These are the things that missionaries go through. We don’t like to talk about this, but the sight of the children in garbage dumps is “haunting.” If you ever see two barefooted children “fighting over a piece of moldy bread,” it changes your life forever. You don’t care about “the things you used to care about.” Once you see a hungry child eat, and scrape his bowl with his fingers and pick up every last grain of rice, you are never, never the same.

Thank you, partners, for letting us be your “boots on the ground.” Let’s pray that things will open up so that we can get back to the garbage dump and bring these parents and children “food and hope!” Sherry

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