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Inmates in prisons across Haiti are starving of hunger because there is no government to send food. This weekend our faithful Love A Child team in the south of Haiti held an Easter service and fed 228 prisoners including 27 women in the Anse a Veaux prison. After a powerful worship service and a call to salvation, 43 prisoners accepted Christ as their savior! One of the 27 women inmates asked for the microphone to thank Love A Child for taking the time to share the Love of God with her. Several people have died of starvation in the last few months in this prison, please pray and please give so that Love A Child can do more for the starving prisoners and others of Anse a Veaux! Jesus brought the thief on the cross into Heaven as an example unto us of His love and grace, please help us to be His outstretched arm of love to the broken and hungry of Haiti! Thank you, Hubert and your Love A Child team for putting this together with the food we sent. Love is something you do!

Bobby Burnette

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