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“I Was Naked and Ye Clothed Me…”

Just look at the smiles on the faces of these poor Haitian mothers. They have been through so much, with gangs on the streets, and trying to feed their children with these gangs controlling the streets. They come with poor clothing and ripped sandals and if it weren’t for some of God’s people, they would have to return home with nasty clothes and worn-out sandals.

They receive free doctor’s care, ultrasounds, lab work, medicine, and vitamins… and their babies are delivered in our beautiful, pink Birthing Center. Now, they have been given beautiful blue robes, and nice heavy-duty sandals for when they leave the Birthing Center, courtesy of one of our partners!

Jesus said, “I was naked and ye clothed me…” – Matthew 25:36

We love you, partners, and Jesus loves you even more!


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