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It Takes A Village

Michelene has been with us since she was about five years old. Michelene is a really talented young girl with a good head on her shoulders. She left Haiti to go to the Dominican Republic (DR). She learned Spanish and got a job, so she speaks fluent English, French, Creole, and Spanish.

She has had infected tonsils, which caused her a lot of health problems. We called our friends, David, and Angie George, and found out that Angie was flying into DR to bring some items for their “Christmas in the DR.” David and Angie work with a young couple, RL and Vanessa, there. We didn’t want Michelene to be in the hospital by herself, so David and Angie rented a car and paid for RL and Vanessa’s motel to stay with Michelene. Angie also bought her some groceries and gave Michelene an offering.

We could not have asked for better friends to help with Michelene. She is a young girl, by herself, and she really really appreciated all David and Angie’s love and what they did for her, as well as RL and Vanessa. We also want to thank our partners for paying for her operation. It is so much easier to work for the Lord when we work “together!”

Thank you, David, Angie, RL, and Vanessa, for taking care of our Michelene!!

All our love to you and all our partners,

Bobby and Sherry

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