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It’s Like “Christmas in April!”

Little children in Haiti do not have the pleasure of having a lot of clothes. Usually, “if” they can go to school, they would have one uniform (which has to be washed over and over again) and something to wear to church. That’s it!

We are thankful to our precious partners who take the time to make dresses, shorts, blankets, etc.

We have received lots of adorable dresses, shorts, blankets, etc., from Billy McCauley, Rebecca Browner, St Charles Borromeo Church, and Marianela Salazar – Nela of the Poor. We gave some out to the children here at Love A Child, and we sent lots of clothes to our mountain schools.

This has brought great joy to these poor children! They could not wait to run home and show their mothers!! It was like “Christmas in April!!” Thank you, dear partners, for all your time and hard work!

Great, is your reward in heaven!!
Bobby and Sherry

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