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It’s Time To Let Our Prayers Be Heard!!


We are all shocked and saddened about the war in Ukraine. Russia wants to crush and destroy this peaceful country. There are many Christians in Ukraine and they are praying each day for a miracle! It’s like “David standing up to Goliath!”

Our hearts are saddened when we see little children and their mothers walking many miles, sometimes ten to twenty miles out of the country to escape before missiles pour down on them. How tough is it for a woman to kiss her husband goodbye, knowing she may never see him again. The sadness we see on TV is overwhelming. This will take a miracle for them, but we only know of one “Miracle Worker!”

Our generation that is growing up does not know the price of freedom. But, like the one young man from Ukraine said, “once you have tasted freedom, you cannot go back!”

You and I live in a country of freedom, our forefathers have fought for this. Let’s all pray together and ask the Lord to save President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, his people, and the children of Ukraine.

Thank you and God bless you, Bobby, Sherry, and staff

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