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Jean Edwouard is Going to Community College

To look at this wonderful, handsome, young man, you would never have thought that he was raised to be a “restavek slave.”

I first noticed Jean Edwouard when we were in the village of Old Letant. We were by the lake and we had a Feed My Starving Children team with us. There was this young boy, dirty, unkept, solemn, unhappy, about six years old, cooking food… for several families! Then, I saw him go for water, carrying that heavy bucket on his head and coming back to “cook food over an open fire.” I came to find out that, as in many families of the poor, when a child loses their parents, they must go and live with relatives and become their “restavek slave.” That child will never go to school, and never get the same amount of food as other children, and never have a happy life… The word restavek means, “to live with.” But, it really means, “you have a slave child.”

I knew the aunt of this little child and asked her if we could take him back with us… she replied, “Yes!” When we put Jean Edwouard in the truck, we were all so happy! Feed My Starving Children had been donating food to us, to feed this village, and now, we were all leaving with a slave child to take him to our Love A Child Children’s Home! It was a happy day.

Jean Edwouard is now 19 years old and in 11th grade. He is one of the best students. He loves sports: soccer and basketball. He loves his “Children’s Home sisters,” so much and they all love him. He is sweet, quiet, playful, and respectful! He has such a sweet, gentle spirit.

He is one of our best painters, and never “spills a drop!” His goal in life is to become a “tailor.” He is in community college in his spare time to learn. He has two years to go. I’m so glad I listened to the Lord that day. We all love Jean Edwouard, Sherry

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