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Jean Richard “Reaches for the Stars”

This story is amazing!! Jean Richard was part of a handicapped orphanage that we took in after the 2010 earthquake. That earthquake destroyed so many lives, homes, and orphanages. After a while, the people who ran the handicapped orphanage found help. But we loved Jean Richard and we asked if we could keep him!

God gave him the talent to play the keyboard!! He went to our Love A Child school, on his handicapped bike that one of our sponsors bought him. After graduation, he wanted to attend a college in Haiti to study music and computers. He just now graduated, but we could not attend because of the gangs that are between us and his college! He is an example for everyone who has a physical problem. “Trust in God and Don’t Let Anything Stop You!” Thank you, Lord!! Thank you, partners!

Bobby and Sherry

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