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Job, Not the Typical Teen

The farmer, Mr. Augustine had anxiously awaited the birth of his child. The time came when Madman Viergielie began to give birth, in the mud hut where they were living. With no midwife around and in unsanitary conditions, the mother gave birth to a baby boy and then died. The father brought this child to an orphanage in Haiti, who was unable to take in another child, so they sent the baby to us. We called him “Job.”

Sweet, quiet Job is up early in the morning, working, watering the plants, sweeping the floor, and anything that is asked of him. Afterward, he prepares for school. He is an excellent student but doesn’t know exactly what he wants to do for a living.

Job loves soccer, and basketball, but, also loves playing “bass guitar!” He is not the “typical teen,” as we know them. He is obedient, respectful, kind, and will help anyone, and never complain! We love Job and can’t wait to see what his dreams are!


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