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Jonas Alce…

Jonas has always had a dream of becoming a good mechanic. He has come a long way from the mountains of Demesseau, Haiti. His mother died and his father could not care for him. Jonas is always so quiet, but he was always “there when we needed him…” and usually under the wheels of a broken-down machine. The good thing is that “with all the rough roads here in Haiti,” he will always have a full-time job working on our vehicles! Jonas is 20, loves soccer and dominos, and is studying Spanish so he can go to the Dominican Republic and study mechanics. Since the gangs have taken over, the few mechanic schools we had in Haiti have closed down. Luckily, our main mechanics here are from the D.R., so he is getting an education in mechanics and Spanish!  P.S. –  He loves to have nice clothes for Church!


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