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Just “Stretch Out Your Hand”

Sometimes when we need a miracle, we expect God to do everything! When Jesus worked miracles, the one “in need of a miracle” had to do something. At the wedding, the hosts had to “fill the wine pots with water.” Zacheus had to “climb a tree to get Jesus’ attention,” the man who was crippled was told to “pick up his bed and walk,” and when his disciples had to find food for over 5,000 people, a little boy had to “give up his five loaves and two fishes.” Jesus asked the man with the withered hand  to “stretch out his hand!”

Perhaps you are in need of a miracle? What will the Lord have you do as “a token of your faith?” When you take the first step, it shows that you have “stretched out your faith!” And when God sees faith, it puts a miracle into action! So, “take the first step!”

Have a blessed day!


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