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Kidney… His Sisters Love Him!

Today when we were in the depot, Kidney came to help us along with his brothers. His “sisters” that were there helping said, “Mom, Kidney is so sweet! We all love him!” Kidney is very shy. He does his work in our Radio Station, but he also lends a hand when there is other work. He studied “Communications” here in college but when the gangs hit, we had to pull him and his 21 siblings out of college in one day! It was a sad day for all the older college kids. So, Kidney works at the Radio Station and anywhere else he is needed until he can get into another college.

He came to us at a young age. When his mother died, his father could not care for him so we took Kidney in. He is always sweet, quiet, and ready to help! He is “super-intelligent!” I can see why his sisters love him; they have a couple of brothers that they “tolerate.” Ha! But Kidney is a gentleman! Keep it up, Kidney! We love you!

Mom and Dad


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