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LAC TV Program “A Cheerful Giver” Begins Friday!

Love A Child’s greatest joy is feeding hungry children; this episode brings you face-to-face with several starving families throughout Haiti. Your heart will be touched as you hear from a girl who struggles with the pain of abandonment, picking up the burden of additional work to get by. A boy sees his father sidelined by illness and takes his younger siblings under his wing to show them how to survive. Their stories are all unique, but they share the same affliction – the need for food. Your cheerful giving provides life-changing hope to the people living in these desperate villages.

We want to invite viewers around the world to tune in on Friday to Daystar Television Network at 6:30 p.m. (ET) and then throughout the week. You can also watch us on DirecTV, DISH Network, Christian Television Network, The Word Network, NRB, and many more local television stations. Check out our full schedule for the best way for you to tune in. You can also watch the program online through our Vimeo and YouTube channels or on our website under the “Media” tab.

Love is something you do!

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