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LAC TV Program “Happy to Help the Poor” Begins Friday!

Bobby and Sherry travel across a wild lake in a rickety, leaky boat to deliver food to the starving people in Ponte Plume, Haiti. Your heart will break as you hear from these children whose days are filled with work. Despite their efforts, they go to sleep praying to God for relief, suffer from malnutrition while they daydream about food, are unable to receive an education, and worry about the survival of their families. This is a “normal childhood” for the children of Haiti. Without your support, they will never know anything different; every little bit provides hope.

We want to invite viewers around the world to tune in throughout the week. You can watch us on Daystar, DirecTV, DISH Network, Christian Television Network, The Word Network, NRB, and many more local television stations. Check out our full schedule for the best way for you to tune in. You can also watch the program online through our Vimeo and YouTube channels or on our website under the “Media” tab.

Together we are changing lives!

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