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Last Chance

In Luke 9, a man named Jarius, met up with Jesus and the crowd that thronged Him. This man’s daughter was dying, and he asked Jesus to come and heal her. This was a matter of urgency… But as Jesus walked, the crowd thronged Him even more and in this crowd of “needs,” one woman, who had been an outcast with an “issue of blood” for twelve long years, was following Jesus. She was sick, broke, and an outcast. She was losing blood for twelve long years… she was not allowed to go to the synagogue because she was unclean. She had no friends and no one to love her. And now, because of the crowd, she would have had to stoop down, or probably crawl, to “touch the hem of His garment..” Because she knew that if she just “touched the hem of His garment,” she would be made whole. It was her “last chance.”

You know the story… Jesus stopped in the middle of the crowd and asked, “who touched me?” And yet, He knew exactly who had touched Him. The Bible says that she was immediately made whole! What a miracle!

You may be going through a sickness or an impossible situation… But no matter what you have to do, do it. Pray, cry, or reach out as if it was your “last chance” to touch Him and He will hear your prayer. Have a great day, Sherry

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