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We had been so excited about returning to Haiti after our family Thanksgiving vacation. We promised all our kids in our Love A Child Children’s Home that when we came back that “Christmas presents” would be coming with us! (Smile.) We had never seen the boys, especially, on such good behavior! They picked up trash and did their chores, and they even “brushed their teeth three times a day!” We got everything packed into “very large” black suitcases, with presents, already to go!

We put all our suitcases, packed with Christmas presents, in our truck. We were going to drive to Belleview, Florida, because we have a speaking engagement at Townley Engineering there at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. They have been partners for many years. Then, from there, we were going to head for the airport in Orlando, Florida, to fly into Haiti.

But, before we left, we had an appointment at the doctor’s office for a COVID-19 test. (Anyone traveling to international areas must have a “negative COVID-19 test.”) On international flights flying from America, you must have a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of departure. So, before we left for Ocala, we swung by the doctor’s office for the test. My test came back negative, but Sherry’s test came back “positive for COVID-19.” We were in shock because we both had our two “vaccine shots,” plus the booster shot. The doctor quarantined Sherry for 10 days, including myself, because I’ve been with her. We were so disappointed and let down.

Sherry is doing fine and not showing any type of sickness. Of course, we are crushed about not going to Haiti. The workers are waiting on us. The children are waiting on us. And Sherry’s dog, “Sampson,” a large Rottweiler, has been in depression since we left. If the Lord wants us to be “still” and “wait on Him,” this is what we will do. The Lord has His plan, and we are walking in his peace.

Sherry is glad that she had to take the test. She would have felt really bad if she passed this on to someone else without knowing about it. So, we are “waiting on His orders,” and will be going home to Haiti soon.


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