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Latest News: 3-14-19 9:50 AM

Currently, we are conducting another life-changing “sustainable agriculture” course at our Agricultural Training Center (ATC). Here you see the current class of five students, who have come from far around Haiti, as they learn methods of sustainable gardening so they can improve the lives of their families and communities. These students must be sponsored by someone in order to come to the 3-week class. We have room for eight students each session, but this session only has five students because we did not have enough sponsors. There are many, many, eager Haitians who want to participate in these important training sessions, but they cannot afford to attend unless someone sponsors them. It costs us $725 per student to hold these classes, so please consider if this is a way you want to help deserving Haitians learn to help themselves and help change lives for generations to come. Last night we heard from the ATC Director, Wilner, that all of the students are so happy and so thankful for their opportunity to learn how to make a better life for their families. Thank you to those of you who helped by donating the funds for these students. It is such an easy way to make an unbelievable impact on many lives. Rad Hazelip

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