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I just took these pictures of the guys putting on the paint primer. They have been doing this now for two weeks. This is a huge orphan’s home that we all built together! Starting on Wednesday, they will be putting on the regular paint. Here are pictures of some of our older boys painting the building. I will be going today to pick out some nice beds for 80 children. September 2-3, David George and I will be moving in the children. They are from a bad area where there is a lot of shooting and trouble. They have been so afraid.

We still have to build extra bathrooms and showers, more than even required by the government. We must keep them nice and clean. We still need to buy furniture, chairs, tables, a freezer, and a refrigerator. We are so thankful for the offering gifts from David George and Casey. We are still $20,000 short. Please pray… we also need a generator for power. We are helping Pastor Claude, but he has put the care of the children in our hands.

Love is something you do…

Bobby Burnette

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