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Latest News: 4-15-19 8:00 AM

This is the precious family that we took from the garbage dump of Truttier. We had gotten a call that the mother was very sick and dying. (We had met this family over a year prior but had lost contact with them.) The father’s name is Tisson. We brought the mom and family out and put them in their new home. Yesterday, we were talking to our driver, Philemon, who had picked the family up, and he told me, “When I went to get the family, all the people at the garbage dump told me that the mother is very sick. She goes around and gets the garbage that we throw away, and she takes it home for her family to eat.” Imagine someone, “collecting garbage that has been thrown away from other people who have already eaten part of it!” That is “the worst of the worst.” Sherry

P.S. Today, we will get the test results on mom and the rest of the family.

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